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Spain to the final …

The Spaniards defeated the Russian team 3-0, in what was a very good football match. The Russian box jump to the court with red, while the Spaniards wore a colorful gold uniform with blue.

During the first 45 minutes the match remained tied to zero goals and the ball was played in the half court most of the time, being the injury of David Villa and the entry of Cesc Fabregas, along with goal arrivals on both sides , the most interesting.

For the second time, Spain came out more determined and after a few minutes they went up on the scoreboard, after a play by Iniesta on the left side that defined Xavi Hernández.

After this Spain prevented the Russians from giving an answer, squeezing in all areas of the field and generating arrivals of danger. After a few minutes the Spanish coach decided to give rest to Xavi and Torres, entering the field Xavi Alonso and Güiza, who did not take long to connect to the game.

At minute 72, a Cesc pass left only Güiza, who after an excellent control defined crossing the Russian goalkeeper, to score the second goal, which reduced the chances of a puzzled Russian team on the court, but still running and peeling each ball.

The final touch came at minute 81, after an excellent pass from Fábregas, Silva came full and defined down and to the base of the post, to leave the Russian goalkeeper Akinfeev with no chance.

In this way, Spain showed its good football and is seen as the favorite to take the euro, although everyone knows that Germany will not be easy, the Spanish team has remained firm since the first game, and today it proved again before a great rival like Russia, that although the marker can deceive, the set of Hiddink gave a very good game, never lost order, and fought until the end.

Next Sunday the grand final awaits us, can Spain reaffirm that it was the best team in this European Championship? o Does Germany revive and assert its history ?, Sunday at 1:30 pm (Mexico time) do not miss it …

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