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Some Reasons Not to See Interliga

Reasons not to see Interliga 2009

  • It is just an excuse created by the Mexican Football Federation, to get money to fans who reside in the United States.
  • Many of the participating teams do not deserve to be there, and some of them do not even want to win it, they only take it as a pre-season practice.
  • Many players have missed the subsequent opening tournament because they are severely injured during the matches (americanistas you will remember what happened with InsĂșa).
  • Almost all players are far below the level of play that they tend to show in the regular tournament, leaving a mediocre performance on the field.
  • Another pretext for having to hire Sky, because they have the exclusive right to broadcast the games live.
  • You could omit this tournament and give the passes to the Libertadores to teams according to what they did in the last tournament.
  • Because Faitelson has always hated this tournament.
  • Because we will have the rest of the year enthralled with a tournament that is not yet known if it would overcome the aberration that was the previous one, at least they should let us rest a bit of so much play on TV.
  • Because they boast that new talent is given a chance, when in fact they are counted with one hand and there are too many fingers.
  • Because it is a tournament that does not prove or prove anything.
  • Because the Necaxa does not participate.
  • Because America participates.
  • Because they play in the United States and our countrymen are in crisis.
  • And finally because I prefer that the regular tournament begins.
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