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Salvadorans make fun of Mexico

The duel between the Mexican national team and the select El Salvador is just around the corner and while in Mexico we worry more about whether Kaka goes to Real Madrid or the transfer of Ibrahimovic to Barcelona, in El Salvador they bring a whole pachanga with the Mexican national team, they are heating up the match and apparently the only one who strikes them in Mexico is Faitelson (the ESPN commentator, former TvAzteca).

In a very famous newspaper in El Salvador they published a list of the 10 things that hurt us Mexicans:

  1. Come to Cuscatlán.
  2. Immigration.
  3. Have a non-Mexican technician in El Tri.
  4. That Tiziano Ferro says that his women are mustachioed.
  5. Not being able to go from the Octaves of Final in the World Cups.
  6. That the best medium fighter is a Filipino.
  7. That the best Mexican coach of the qualifiers will lead El Salvador.
  8. Not be in South America.
  9. That Ana Guevara never won Olympic gold.
  10. Know that the ‘gringos’ are their eternal ‘tatas’.
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