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Robinho Willing To Sacrifice For Brazil

Robinho declared that he is willing to give the extra and go down to defend, provided that Kaka and Ronaldinho Gaucho can play together in this Wednesday’s game against Peru. This after the fears that the alignment of the two creative players leave the defense of the Brazilian National Team vulnerable.

Robinho told reporters that to avoid that vulnerability he is willing to collaborate with the defense and to descend to the Brazilian area when necessary.

“They are two great players who know what to do with the ball, but when we lose it, we will have to go down all of them to avoid overloading the flyers. We were already champions like that. We won the 2006 Confederations Cup with that lineup. Kaka and Ronaldinho are creative players. Kaka picks up the ball and advances. Ronaldinho has great facilities to leave his teammates for the goal. When they do not play, the marking is stronger but we lose quality in the attacks “.

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