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Goals of the match Mexico vs Germany – U17 World Cup

This Thursday the Mexican under-17 team achieved a heroic triumph by defeating Germany’s under-17 team in the semifinal match of the U-17 World Cup. The Mexico vs. Germany match started with an early goal by the Mexican national team, with a goal of Julio Gomez, minutes later Germany got the tie in a mistake of the Mexican defense, at the beginning of the second half the Teutons went up on the scoreboard in a counterattack, but the Mexican team managed to overcome the scoreboard first by drawing with an Olympic goal Jorge Espericueta where Julio Gomez left the bloody and injured pitch, to return minutes later and score a Chilean goal that gave him the pass to the U-17 world cup final, do not miss the goal by Julio Gomez.




The game of the Final of the U17 World Cup 2011, Mexico vs Uruguay live, do not miss it, the transmission of the game Mexico vs Uruguay sub 17 live online will start this Sunday July 10, 2011 at 06:00 pm.

The match between the Mexican sub 12 team and the Uruguayan national team under 17 can be followed live by golafavor.com, minutes before the start of the Mexico vs Uruguay match we will place the players with the signal. Remember that this game will be played at the Azteca stadium before more than 100 thousand spectators, in what will undoubtedly be the most exciting U17 World Cup final in the history, hours before will also be played against Brazil vs Germany online in the match for the third place.

The TRI of beach debut with victory

The Mexican beach soccer team, runner-up in the world, had to come from behind to overcome Japan 4-3 in its presentation at the Beach Soccer World Cup Marseille 2008, at the Prado stadium.

The annotations of the victory of the tricolor box fell by Ricardo Villalobos, twice, at minute 24 and 30, Israel Santoyo at 24 and Christopher Flores at 29.

For the takatakas (Japan) scored Katsuhiro Yoshi, at minute 1, Teruki Tabata, at 24, and Tomoya Uehara, at minute 26.

With this result, Mexico achieved its first three points within sector D, the so-called “Group of Death”, while Japan remained at zero. Next Sunday the tricolor team will face the national team of Spain, in their second duel in the world championship.


Club World Cup match 2011, Monterrey vs Kashiwa Reysol, Monterrey’s debut in the Club World Cup, do not miss the Monterrey vs. Kashiwa Reysol live broadcasts live on Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 4: 30 hours (4:30 in the morning, Mexico time). It is one of the quarterfinal matches of the tournament. The winner will face Brazil’s Santos in the semifinal.

Follow the match Monterrey vs Kashiwa Reysol online thanks to the signal from golafavor.com, this domigno at dawn we will be sharing with you the first game of the scratches in the club world cup. If you are a fan of the regional team, do not let them support you, remember that Monterrey vs Kashiwa Reysol online you can only find it here.

Watch Inter Milan vs Seongnam Ilhwa Live

Inter de Milan vs Seongnam Ilhwa, match of the online club world championship, this Wednesday, December 15, 2010 we have the match between Inter Milan vs Seongnam Ilhwa live, the semifinal match of the Club World Cup 2010, which you can follow online from golafavor .com, do not miss the broadcast of the match between Inter Milan vs Seongnam Ilhwa on the internet this Wednesday December 15, 2010 at 10:00 o’clock.

Remember that minutes before starting the game we will place the players with the match Inter Milan vs Seongnam Ilhwa online for free.

Watch Pachuca vs Al Wahda Live

achuca vs Al Wahda, match of the online club world championship, this Wednesday, December 15, 2010 we have the game Pachuca vs Al Wahdaen live, the match for the fifth place of the Club World Cup 2010, which you can follow online from golafavor.com , do not miss the transmission of the game Pachuca vs Al Wahda online this Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 08:00 o’clock.

Remember that minutes before starting the game we will place the players with the game Pachuca vs Al Wahda online for free.

Watch Pachuca vs TP Mazembe Live

Pachuca vs TP Mazembe, match of the 2010 club world championship online, this Friday, December 10, 2010 we have online the game Pachuca vs Mazembe live, the first game of Pachuca, representative of Concacfa and Mexican football in the Club World Cup 2010, which you can follow online from golafavor.com, do not miss the transmission of the game Pachuca vs TP Mazembe on the internet this Friday December 10, 2010 at 09:00 hours.

Remember that minutes before starting the game we will place the players with the game Pachuca vs TP Mazembe online for free.

Higuita does it again

13 years after doing his thing in the mythical Wembley …

Rene Higuita, the Fool, as his followers call him, went back to doing his thing. All this happened in the farewell of his partner Aristizabal, donated with what seems to be the complicity of Valderrama Pibe, returns to make the scorpion, removing a sigh of all Colombians who lived that great selection and more those who lived that England Vs Colombia …


Boyacá Chicó defeats America de Cali and is Champion

BOGOTÁ – Boyacá Chicó, of the Argentinean Miguel Caneo and the Mexican Mario García, became the champion of Colombian professional soccer on Sunday for the first time in his history, after defeating 4-2 in the penalty shootout against América de Cali, in the match of return of the final of the Apertura Tournament.

Boyacá Chicó, a team based in the Andean city of Tunja (center), also won the first Colombian ticket for the 2009 Copa Libertadores. Sunday’s commitment ended 1-1 in regulation time (equal score in the first leg of the past). Wednesday), thanks to the goals of Caneo and the Panamanian Luis Tejada, of the America, both of penal. In the definition, Boyacá Chico scored through Caneo and the Colombians, Oscar Diaz, Pedro Pino and Ever Palacios. For Colombia they marked the Colombians Jersson González and Oscar Restrepo. His compatriots Adrián Ramos and Paulo Arango missed the pitches. Caneo and the Colombian Iván Velásquez, yielded by Deportes Quindío to Once Caldas de Manizales, were the top scorers of the Apertura Tournament, with thirteen goals each. In El Chicó, a team founded in 2002, in First Division since 2004 and directed by the Colombian Alberto Gamero, also the Colombians Víctor Pacheco and Frankie Oviedo, former players of the Atlante and the America of Mexico, respectively. In the first minutes of game, Boyacá disturbed the arch of the America , defended by the Uruguayan Adrián Berbia, in a play in which Frank Pacheco of head by little abre the marker. The local equipment handled better the actions before an America that seemed to be dedicated to defend itself. The party became a little slow, by mutual respect that showed both teams. However, America was able to open the scoring in the 33rd minute, in a shot that was left to Adrián Ramos who sent the ball over the crossbar. It was then when the local regained control of the game and in the 36th minute managed to go ahead after a play that started from Caneo, after making a pass to Frank Pacheco, who fell in the small area of ​​America After a departure from goalkeeper Berbia, so the referee Albert Duarte decided to decree a penalty shot. The same Caneo with right leg finished and beat the American goal in the 36th minute, for the partial advantage of the team of Alberto Gamero.America tried react, but the first half ended with the score against him. In the complementary stage, the Cali team came out with an offensive attitude, so much that in the 46th minute the Panamanian Luis Tejada narrowly tied the game, after a shot that happened Even though Chicó did not back down, it was America who kept pushing and in the 58th minute he created a new goal opportunity this time through Adrián Ramos in a shot that p roasted very close to the left post of goalkeeper Edigson Velásquez. The Tunja team did not despair, but it was the visiting team who sought by all means to equalize the score. The pressure and friction between the players increased and referee Duarte left to the local with 10 players, after the expulsion of Juan Mahecha in the minute 79. Minutes later a lack of Ever Palacios on Adrián Ramos, led once again to the referee Albert Duarte to point out a penalty, which paid perfectly to the Panamanian Tejada Decree the 1-1 tie in the 83rd minute of the commitment. Although it was the visitor who kept pushing to seek the win, the time did not reach, even less when they expelled Pablo Armero, which equaled the number of players in both teams. The game ended and Judge Duarte determined the definition of the title in the charges of the penalty spot where Boyacá Chicó overcame by 4-2 to America who could not reach his star 13

League of Quito Champion of Libertadores

If you, dear reader, were told months ago, “Ecuador will win the Copa Libertadores”, he would respond with a mockery and saying that it is impossible for Ecuador to win the most important tournament in the world in the Americas.

Well … Ecuador Dreamed awake and even with the defeat of Fluminense with a score of 5-5 and maas with the instances of penalties .. Quito won and broke paradigms to be the Historical Champion of the Libertadores .. Adios Boca .. Adios America .. Adios Fluminense … Long live the new monarch at Club level.

Quito will go to the Club World Cup in December next to: Pachuca and Manchester Utd.

photo: ESPN sports