Football Game

The fan

Once a week, the fan runs away from home and attends the stadium.

Flags flicker, rattles sound, rockets, drums, rain snakes and paper cut; the city disappears, the routine is forgotten, there is only the temple. In this sacred space, the only religion that does not have atheists exibe their divinities. Although the fan can contemplate the miracle, more comfortably, on the TV screen, he prefers to undertake the pilgrimage to this place where he can see his angels in flesh and blood, fighting a duel against the demons of the day.

Here, the fan shakes the handkerchief, swallows, glup, swallows poison, eats the cap, whispers prayers and curses and suddenly breaks his throat in an ovation and jumps like a flea hugging the stranger who shouts the goal at his side. While the pagan mass lasts, the fan is many. With thousands of devotees he shares the certainty that we are the best, all the referees are sold, all the rivals are cheaters.

Rarely does the fan say: «Today my club plays». Rather it says: “Today we play.” Well knows this player number twelve that it is he who blows the winds of fervor that push the ball when she falls asleep, as the other eleven players know that playing without fans is like dancing without music.

When the match concludes, the fan, who has not moved from the rostrum, celebrates his victory; what a blow we made them, what a beating we gave them, or their defeat cries; We were once again swindled, thief judge. And then the sun goes away and the fan goes away. The shadows fall on the stadium that empties. In the cement stands, here and there burn some fires of fleeting fire, while the lights and voices are extinguished. The stadium is left alone and also the fan returns to his solitude, I who has been us: the fan moves away, disperses, loses, and Sunday is melancholic as an Ash Wednesday after the death of the carnival.

Eduardo Galeano


This Sunday, July 31, 2011 will be played the game Messi and his friends in Mexico, the friendly game to benefit will be played at the Blue Stadium, the stadium of the cement machine, and you can enjoy the soccer of Leo Messi, the best player of the world today, as well as great soccer stars.

This game is intended to help the foundations that Lionel Messi leads, therefore part of the profits will be allocated to charities, do not miss the football of Messi and his friends, the game is on the internet.

Leo Messi Golden Ball 2009

Leo Messi Golden Ball of 2009, the flea finally got it, in 2007 it was third in the voting, in 2008 it was second in votes and now in 2009 it achieved the first place with the biggest vote advantage in the history of this award, given by the magazine France Football. He also became the first Argentine to achieve this distinction.

Messi thanked his colleagues from Barcelona: “as always and all my teammates because they are the ones who made me win thanks to the titles of last year”. In addition to Messi also appeared several Barcelona players as Xavi and Iniesta, which also commented: “by any of my teammates because anyone in this wardrobe deserved it.”

Leonel Messi obtained 473 votes, while Cristiano Ronaldo, in second place, obtained 233. The Argentine commented that “It’s nice to win it this way”.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco returns to the Red Sharks of Veracruz

Who until a few months ago was a very controversial player, hated by half Mexico, but today is an idol, and loved by 99% of Mexicans, Mexican striker Cuauhtémoc Blanco, will play for the Red Sharks of Veracruz in the League of Ascent, from January 1, 2010, since today the agreement for 1.5 million dollars was confirmed, between the player of the Chicago Fire and the directive of the port.

After being tried by clubs like Querétaro and América of the first division of Mexican soccer, the Mexican national team reached an agreement with Veracruz, to return to the Aztec soccer, although it will be in the Liga de Ascenso. The player will arrive at the port of Veracruz as a loan, and will remain with the club escualo from January to April 2010. After Cuauhtémoc Blanco will return to the Chicago Fire for the start of the MLS.

We must remember that the national player selected, and milito in the Veracruz club, wearing the shirt of the Sharks in the 2004 season, taking them to the leadership of the 2004 Apertura, when the team was in the First Division. So we will see Cuauh again in Mexican soccer, even in the promotion league.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco National Sports Award 2009

Cuauhtémoc Blanco was nominated for the 2009 National Sports Award, along with 22 other athletes. Bernardo de la Garza, president of the Conade, commented that due to his good performances with the Mexican national team this year, the 37-year-old currently plays for the Chicago Fire.

Javier Aguirre, was nominated by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), in the Coach category, due to his work at the helm of the tricolor in the final stages of the qualifying rounds, where he got the ticket to South Africa 2010.

The National Sports Award will be presented on November 20 of this year, in a ceremony within the festivities, for the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, from the hands of President Felipe Calderón.

For this year, the PND had an increase in the economic bonus, which rose from 500 thousand to 523 thousand, considering the importance of this award among the community. But as it is customary, in case any professional sportsman will win it, only the trophy and the diploma will be awarded, since the economic amount will not be delivered.

In 2008, Onofre took the PND as coach, as well as María del Rosario Espinoza and Guillermo Pérez from tae kwon do, in addition to the Paralympics Nely Miranda and Amalia Pérez.

Plan Spain and Iker Casillas, Together Against Child Poverty

Plan Spain has launched a campaign with the goalkeeper of the Spanish national team, Iker Casillas, in order to stop child poverty in the world. Concerned about childhood especially in developing or third world countries. With this campaign, it is planned to reach a large number of people, with information on possible options to support children.

The campaign consists mainly in getting users to send their photographs and comments to complete a mural with the face of Iker Casillas, getting them to talk about the campaign and consequently about child poverty, which is really what matters. In a few words, it seeks to make noise and pressure the organisms to collaborate.

That is why in goal in favor we join the cause and invite you to visit the following website with information about it: “Stop child poverty” and do not forget to leave your comments about the campaign.


David Beckham Stays In Milan

When everything seemed that Don David Beckham would have to return to his reality, osce to the Galaxy of Los Angeles, it turns out that always if he stayed in Milan until the end of the season. This was reported by the Italian Sky Sport 24, and it seems that Milan and Los Angeles Galaxy already reached an agreement to allow the English player to remain in the rossoneri set.

Beckham was registered to play in the Italian Calcio until June 30, and in his contract with the Galaxy has a clause that allows him to leave the MLS team in October, when the season of the US league ends. Good news for Milan that at the moment is not on its best streak and also good news for the English player, because it still has a good level and in the MLS can not explode football.

The Diego to the Selection !!!

After the resignation of Alfio Basile to the bench of the albiceleste, have not been left waiting for the names of the candidates to fill the post, among them have emerged two names that are undoubtedly the broad favorites to stay with the technical direction, the first one experienced and with all the requirements to be the coach of Argentina and the second with little or no experience in terms of the technical direction of a team but with a name and a story impossible to overcome in Argentine soccer, Diego Armando Maradona.

Despite the popularity of Diego, the polls seem to point to Carlos Bianchi being the new coach, and that is why today the Argentine capital awoke full of blankets and papers that support Maradona.

Blankets with legends such as: “Diego a la Selección”, cover the streets of Buenos Aires. They contain the colors of the Argentine shirt in the background and are signed by a Buenos Aires nightclub.

Diego is committed to the task of putting together his coaching staff, for which he already communicated with the current coach of Cerro Porteño, from Paraguay, the Argentine Pedro Troglio, who confirmed yesterday that Diego offered to be his field assistant, if chosen to direct the national team.
And you, as you see it, do you think the diego should direct the albiceleste?

Alan Dzagoev, The Future of Russia

It is said that Andrei Archavin is the present of Russian football, but the future of the national team is not in him but in Alan Dzagoev, a player of only 18 years … In his last game, Dzagoev scored two of the three goals of CSKA Moscow against Deportivo La Coruña, where the Mexican Andres Guardado plays in the UEFA Cup. In the video you can see some of his plays and goals … makes one of Zidane very good …