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Necaxa Champion of the Promotion Alloy of Apertura 2009

Necaxa is the champion of the 2009 opening tournament in the Liga de Ascenso of Mexican soccer. On Saturday December 12, 2009, the Necaxa rays were crowned champions of the league of promotion to defeat the Irapuato team, with a global score of 4-3. The Necaxa took advantage at home, winning the first leg 1-0. And in extra time, I manage to tie the game 3-3 in the second leg, in Irapuato.

The Necaxa began losing in Irapuato with 2 early goals by Ariel González, but managed to recover with a goal by Mauricio Romero, this way they finished the regular time with the aggregate score 2-2, so they had to go to the extension.

Already in extra time, the Irapuato benefit a foul that the referee gave them as it was nonexistent, get up on the scoreboard with a free-kick goal. But the response from the Necaxa was almost immediate, a great play by Carlos Hurtado for the band, a great cross in the air and an accurate header from Alejandro Castillo, finished inside the nets of the Irapuato goal. And to end the second overtime a very similar backlash, with excellent driving, dribbling and center Carlos Hurtado, and another great shot by Alejando Castillo managed to leave the final score 4-3 favor Necaxa.

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