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LIVE Necaxa vs Leon The Final of the League of Ascent

First leg of the final of the Liga de Ascenso of Mexican football. Necaxa vs Leon faces this Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 6:00 pm Mexico time you can not miss the transmission of the game Necaxa vs Leon live online.

Necaxa seek to take advantage at home, to get the championship, the Necaxa rays would advance directly to the first division because they are the current champions. Do not miss this game on TV LIVE (Online), and if you are a follower of the Necaxa fan or follow the slopes that we will be broadcasting the games of the final of the Liga de Ascenso live and if necessary those of the final of ascent.

Minutes before the game we will place the player or link to watch Necaxa vs Leon live in this post.

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