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Crowd Gathered At Lewiston to Enjoy Some Old-School Wrestling

Who does not like wrestling? Whenever you get to see some blood-thirsty action your own blood begins to boil. Just like this, the crowd went crazy when they got the chance to witness some of the old-school moves played by energetic wrestlers at the Ring of Honor when it hit Lewiston.

ROH the second largest wrestling promotional event after WWE is widely known for its traditional ways of wrestling matches. And no matter what age group you belong to the entertainment is bound to mesmerize you.

This last Wednesday night at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee there was some serious bone-crushing action witnessed when Ring of Honor made its debut in Maine with the opening night of Global Wars. And it was enough to make the crowd go wild with excitement.

There were lines and lines of people, from couples on dates to parents with their children following.

The matches were all people were waiting for, rough and wild punching, kicking and even throwing one another evoked many cheers from the crowd.

Rick Cavallero (a wrestling fan) who has flown from South Paris with his friends said that the matches were just like they were back in time rough and old-school. According to him, it’s like a storytelling between two opponents going back and forth, where you know there won’t be anyone interfering in the middle and the match will always end with a pinfall or submission.

You can say that the wrestling fans have vanished overtime but Ring of Honor on 7th November had a whole different story to tell. You can get your cheap ring of honor wrestling tickets from Tickets4Wrestling.com and enjoy with friends or family.

People pay more attention to details nowadays and what they find best is the primitive ways of wrestling. Some wrestling fans even claimed they liked ROH better than the bigger and polished wrestling productions such as WWE.

ROH has been around for four years now and for this year’s edition, they joined hands with the wrestling stars from New Japan Pro-Wrestling to host the Global Wars event in Lewiston.

The best of the showdowns went down that day and among them, the match between Flip Gordon and the rising wrestling star Eli Isom was worth watching the most. Their physical strikes were all crowd anticipated and no matter who was hitting who the crowd was cheering like crazy. I’m sure that means something or should I say it means a lot.


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