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Goals of the match Mexico vs Germany – U17 World Cup

This Thursday the Mexican under-17 team achieved a heroic triumph by defeating Germany’s under-17 team in the semifinal match of the U-17 World Cup. The Mexico vs. Germany match started with an early goal by the Mexican national team, with a goal of Julio Gomez, minutes later Germany got the tie in a mistake of the Mexican defense, at the beginning of the second half the Teutons went up on the scoreboard in a counterattack, but the Mexican team managed to overcome the scoreboard first by drawing with an Olympic goal Jorge Espericueta where Julio Gomez left the bloody and injured pitch, to return minutes later and score a Chilean goal that gave him the pass to the U-17 world cup final, do not miss the goal by Julio Gomez.




The game of the Final of the U17 World Cup 2011, Mexico vs Uruguay live, do not miss it, the transmission of the game Mexico vs Uruguay sub 17 live online will start this Sunday July 10, 2011 at 06:00 pm.

The match between the Mexican sub 12 team and the Uruguayan national team under 17 can be followed live by golafavor.com, minutes before the start of the Mexico vs Uruguay match we will place the players with the signal. Remember that this game will be played at the Azteca stadium before more than 100 thousand spectators, in what will undoubtedly be the most exciting U17 World Cup final in the history, hours before will also be played against Brazil vs Germany online in the match for the third place.