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The video of the goals of the match Cruz Azul vs Chivas Guadalajara corresponding to the Day 10 of the tournament opening 2011, played on Saturday September 24 at the Azul stadium, the home of the Cruz Azul cement machine. The final score was 1-1, an interesting match that ended tied with a goal by Omar Arellano from the chivas and a goal from Perea on the part of the machine. Do not miss the video of the goals and the best plays of the game:


Goals of Chupete Suazo in the Final Monterrey vs Santos

The video of Humberto’s “chupete” Suazo in the match Monterrey vs Santos, in the final of the tournament opening 2010, Chupete Suazo two of the three goals of the second leg of the final, to give the championship to Monterrey, the third goal that also defined the title was a tremendous goal, here we present the video of the goal of Chupete Suazo:

Goal of Carlos Vela in Arsenal vs Bolton Wanderers

Arsenal defeated Bolton Wanderers 4-1 on matchday 3 of the Premier League of English football, Mexican Carlos Vela came on change in the 81st minute, and at minute 83 scored a goal to put the score 4-1 in favor of his team, the gunners of the Arsenal. In this way Carlos Vela responds to criticism in Mexico for his poor performance both in the national team and in the Premier League.

The video of the goal of Carlos Vela in the game Arsenal vs Bolton:

Goal of Chicharito – Airtricity League vs Manchester United

Javier Hernandez’s goal in the Airtricity League XI vs. Manchester United match, the video of the chicharito goal in the last preparation game of Man Utd, the Red Devils defeated the combined Irish football stars 7-1. Chicharito entered for the start of the second half, replacing Wayne Rooney, and on his first ball scored the 3-0 at minute 47.

Later the chicharito provoked a corner kick that ended in goal by Jonny Evan and received a foul inside the area that was marked as a penalty and converted into a goal by Nani, collaborating in this way in 2 more goals.

Video of the Goals of the Mexico vs. South Africa 2010

The opening match of the 2010 World Cup South Africa, Mexico vs South Africa finished 1-1, the two goals of the match were scored in the second half, the goal by Siphiwe Tshabalala put South Africa ahead in the minute 54, but a goal by Rafael Marquez at minute 78 gave the tie to the Mexican team.

The selection of Mexico was much superior to the selection of South Africa during the whole match, but they did not manage to define the plays, while South Africa on the counterattack found an achievement to get up on the scoreboard and was very close to getting the victory based on counterattacks.

Goals of the match Mexico vs Germany – U17 World Cup

This Thursday the Mexican under-17 team achieved a heroic triumph by defeating Germany’s under-17 team in the semifinal match of the U-17 World Cup. The Mexico vs. Germany match started with an early goal by the Mexican national team, with a goal of Julio Gomez, minutes later Germany got the tie in a mistake of the Mexican defense, at the beginning of the second half the Teutons went up on the scoreboard in a counterattack, but the Mexican team managed to overcome the scoreboard first by drawing with an Olympic goal Jorge Espericueta where Julio Gomez left the bloody and injured pitch, to return minutes later and score a Chilean goal that gave him the pass to the U-17 world cup final, do not miss the goal by Julio Gomez.



Goals of Chicharito – Wigan vs Manchester United

Today, Saturday, February 26, 2011, the Wigan vs. Manchester United match of the premier league took place, and the Mexican Javier Hernández started the game and not only that, the chicharito scored two goals, the Mexican forward opened the scoring to minute 17 and 75 returned to score the second goal to lead Manchester to a victory that ended 4-0.

Here we present the videos of the chicharito goals this week:

First goal of Chicharito Hernandez

Second goal by Javier Hernandez

Efrain Juarez goal with Celtic in Champions League

Goal of Efraín Juárez with Celtic in the Champions League game Celtic vs Sporting Braga, in the video of Efrain Juarez’s goal at Celtic, his first goal, we can see how Efrain starts the play by a band, touches the ball and hits the area to head off a pass from Samaras sending the ball to the net at minute 79.

Despite the goal of Efrain Juarez and the victory of Celtic 2-1, the Scottish team was eliminated from the European Champions League, having fallen in Portugal 3-0, finishing the overall score at 4-2.

Video Summary of the Mexico vs USA Match – Gold Cup 2011

Mexico crowned champion of the Gold Cup 2011 by defeating the US team 4-2 in the final of the Gold Cup Mexico vs United States, the Mexican team had to overcome an adverse score of 2-0 to win the pass to the Confederations Cup. Mexico started losing with a goal from Bradley in the first minutes and later a Donovan score, but the TRI knew how to recover and with two goals by Pablo Barrera, a goal by Andres Guardado and a goal by Giovanni Dos Santos liquidated the game in the Rose Bowl Here is the video of the goals of the gold cup final, in case you missed the Mexico vs USA match:

Video Summary of the Mexico vs Honduras Match

Gold Cup 2011 Mexico obtained its pass to the final of the Gold Cup 2011 by defeating in extra time 2-0 the Honduran team, the Mexico vs. Honduras match of the Gold Cup semifinals was full of dangerous plays by the Mexican national team. I do not manage to specify until the extra time, while Honduras with a defensive and full of kicks approach managed to keep the Mexicans at bay for more than 90 minutes, which did not reach them. The goals of Mexico were scored by Aldo De Nigris and Javier Hernandez, Chicharito, who is shaping up to be the tournament’s top scorer with 7 goals so far.