Football Game

Video of Goals of Monterrey vs Cruz Azul

Monterrey won two goals to zero against the Cruz Azul machine, here is the video of Neri Cardozo’s goal and the video of Carreño’s goal against Cruz Azul in Day 3, plus a plus that they will surely enjoy:

Plus: Una guera stole the show in the grandstands of the technological stadium to delight the fans showing their bubbies on several occasions, the wera was very pleased with the fans around, took pictures with her fans and posed in toples in several Occasions

Wanda Nara the Bride of Maxi López

Footballers often go out with the most beautiful models in the world, here we present the girlfriend of Maxi Lopez, Argentine player who has just signed with the Italian football Catania, the former Barcelona player is Wanda Nara’s boyfriend one of the most famous and attractive of Argentina, in addition Wanda Nara is famous for having starred in a sexual video.

Melissa Satta the Girlfriend of Christian Vieri

I already had time that we did not delight them with the beauties of football, but today, January 6, the day of kings, we bring to all soccer fans a gift, a video of the girlfriend of Christian Vieri, the model and American actress Melissa Satta, 24 years old . More than one certainly will feel envy for the former player of the Italian national team.

The Cheerleaders of America

If you are anti-American, you will surely enjoy this comparison between cheerleaders of some teams and football teams and the famous cheerleaders of America. If you are an Americanist, we invite you to share images of Americanist cheerleaders.

Girls Soccer 2009 Part I

Here are some pictures of the beauties of football, the tournament is about to begin, the teams are reinforced and begin to get into rhythm, while the girls of soccer, the beauties of the stadiums also start doing the same:

celebra-futbol_01-92430170-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df  celebra-futbol_02-92fcd992-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df

celebra-futbol_03-93c42ea2-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df  celebra-futbol_04-946b3b16-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df

celebra-futbol_05-95278eb0-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df  celebra-futbol_06-95d97634-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df

celebra-futbol_07-9699995a-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df  celebra-futbol_08-974e855e-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df

celebra-futbol_10-98bb1ff6-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df  celebra-futbol_11-996e4d88-c47c-102c-80b6-0019b9d5c8df

The Best of Mexico vs Honduras

Once the game is over, after the scandalous and shameful result of the Mexican national team, the only thing that remains is to analyze the game and get the best out of it, so here I leave you the best of Mexico vs Honduras.


Marta Cecchetto – The Bride of Luca Toni

Returning to the subject of the beauties of football, now it is the turn of the beautiful brides of football players. We’ll start with an Italian named Marta Cecchetto. The current girlfriend of the Bayer forward and the Italian national team, Luca Toni.

The profession model divides her time between Germany and Italy, and also works as a television host. His passion is cinema, and among his dreams is to work as an actress.

The Beauties of Mexican Soccer: Day 01


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Reward Your Team With Bailesito in The Tube

This does not have much to do with soccer, but what matters is related to sport… it turns out that a student at the University of Florida decided to reward his football team (schoolboy) after having achieved the championship, performing a very sensual, using a tube in the style of a table dance. With this type of motivation, as teams will not win championships …

Lucy Pinder: A Soccer Fanatic

English model and presenter Lucy Pinder made a topless photographic series for Nuts magazine. The British is a big fan of football, is a Southampton fan and ambassador of Kick4Life, an NGO that uses football as a means of social integration. He also recognizes that he likes Arsenal football.