Football Game

LIVE Nigeria vs Algeria Online [01-30-2010]

Saturday football, matches for the third place in the African Cup of Nations 2010, you can not miss the match of the African Cup live, this match will be played between the teams of Nigeria vs Algeria. The game will be broadcast live on the internet on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 10:00 am (10 am) Mexico time.

The transmission of the match Nigeria vs Algeria live can be followed online, in this same post minutes before the game we will be placing the player or links to see Nigeria vs Algeria live online for free.

Problems with the transmission? Here is the trick to watch Justin.Tv without free breaks (apparently it only works with Internet Explorer). You just have to download it, execute it and reopen this page.


Video: La Secreta – You’re Not Only Savior

A musical group from Paraguay called La Secreta has created a song in support of Salvador Cabañas, the song that lasts 2:09 min says:

You are not alone, Salvador, you are not alone.
You are not only champion.
Your fans, your people, your people more than ever are with you.

As in Mexico, in Paraguay thousands of fans gathered at the Defensores del Chaco stadium in Asunción to pray and express their support for Salvador Cabañas to the soccer player from the Americas who is still very delicate after receiving an impact bullet in the head on Monday, January 25.

Here I leave the video you are not only savior:

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News and Games of Ben 10

Many children are fond of soccer, many others prefer to spend their time watching cartoons, it is normal when you are a child, but most of today’s children usually combine cartoons and soccer, many practice soccer and see cartoons like Ben 10 in his free time.

That’s why today we want to recommend a site dedicated to Ben 10, where you can find a lot of Ben 10 Games ready to play online, as well as a lot of drawings of Ben 10 coloring. So you know, if you like the adventures of Ben 10 and want to know more about Ben, his transformations, his friends and others, do not forget to visit Todoben10.com.ar where you will surely have fun.

News and Games from iCarly.com

One of the most popular TV series among children and teenagers today is iCarly.com which makes a mix of television and internet to get children’s attention. It is for this reason that many people look for iCarly games on the internet as well as news about icarly.com in Spanish, and for all of them we want to recommend a good site where they can find iCarly games and news.

And not only find information about iCarly, you can also find gossip about its protagonists Mi

randa Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor. Images of iCarly, videos and songs from the series, as well as information about other series such as Isa TK +, Zoey101, Victorious, etc. The site I’m talking about is icarlyzoey101.blogspot.com.

FansTeen: Film and Television News

In addition to Argentine soccer in Mexico, Argentine television is also very popular, it is very common to see that many Argentines come to Mexico to work on TV, another phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular is to bring Argentine soap operas to Mexico. Very successful cases like the soap opera Rebelde (RBD) which is made in Argentina under the name of Rebelde Way, the example of the moment is Patito Feo, a very successful Argentine telenovela that today has its version in Mexico called Dare to Dream .

If you like Argentine television, be aware of the latest news of soap operas and series, such as Consentidos, I recommend you visit fansteen.com a blog where you will find the latest news about the show and the world of entertainment. Find out everything, from what will happen in the chapter of x series, to the latest news of your favorite movie like Twilight and others.

You can also find out about some romances between soccer players and celebrities from the world of entertainment.

The Mexico T-shirt for the 2010 South Africa World Cup

Yesterday, the new TRI jersey was unveiled for the 2010 South Africa World Cup and since then there have been many negative comments I’ve heard about the new jersey of the Mexican national team. In goal in favor we are interested in the opinion of Mexican fans, tell us, do you like or do not like the TRI shirt?