Football Game

The Goal is the Orgasm of Football

The goal is the orgasm of football. Like orgasm, the goal is becoming less frequent in modern life.

Half a century ago, it was rare for a game to end without goals: 0-0, two open mouths, two yawns. Now, the eleven players spend the whole game hanging on the crossbar, dedicated to avoiding goals and without time to make them.

The enthusiasm that is unleashed each time the white bullet shakes the network may seem mystery or madness, but we must bear in mind that the miracle is little. The goal, even a little gole, is always gooooooooooooooooooooooool in the throat of the radio reporters, a chest do capable of leaving Caruso mute forever, and the crowd raves and the stadium forgets that it is cement and falls off from the earth and goes to the air.

Eduardo Galeano
Football in sun and shadow

Great memories

“I hope they keep the great memories”

Anderson Luis de Souza “Deco” – Chelsea


If you are in the penalty area and you do not know what to do with the ball, put it on the net and we will discuss the alternatives later.

Bill Shankly


Nobody doubts that Zidane is a tremendous player, but what Zidane does with a ball, Maradona does it with an orange …

Michel Platini

The Boy Torres …

“I told the players to send them all to Torres, even if they did not see where he was, Torres is a player who fights all of you”

Javier “El Vasco” Aguirre

Soccer is Simple …

“If the opposing team has an intelligent player who stands out very well, we always opt for the simplest solution: not to be marked by anyone; if nobody marks it, it will not be unmarked “.

Johan Cruyff

Germany Vs Turkey

“They had nothing to lose, that was noticeable, while we had a little tired legs. Perhaps the rest (between the quarter-final match) was too long. But we are in the final and that is what counts ”

Michael Ballack


“Getting to the area and not being able to kick the goal is like dancing with your sister.”


The couple…

The couple…

“Soccer is the bachelor’s wife, but above all, the married one’s lover”.