Football Game

The TRI of beach debut with victory

The Mexican beach soccer team, runner-up in the world, had to come from behind to overcome Japan 4-3 in its presentation at the Beach Soccer World Cup Marseille 2008, at the Prado stadium.

The annotations of the victory of the tricolor box fell by Ricardo Villalobos, twice, at minute 24 and 30, Israel Santoyo at 24 and Christopher Flores at 29.

For the takatakas (Japan) scored Katsuhiro Yoshi, at minute 1, Teruki Tabata, at 24, and Tomoya Uehara, at minute 26.

With this result, Mexico achieved its first three points within sector D, the so-called “Group of Death”, while Japan remained at zero. Next Sunday the tricolor team will face the national team of Spain, in their second duel in the world championship.