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Carlos Salcido and Carlos Vela suspended

The suspended Carlos, Carlos Salcido and Carlos Vela were officially suspended by FIFA to play the next match in the qualifying round for the 2010 World Cup.

“It was determined to punish Carlos Alberto Vela Garrido for having been reprimanded in two different matches and it was determined that the suspension be applied to the El Salvador-Mexico match on June 6,” the International Football Federation announced. Association (FIFA).

He also commented that Carlos Salcido Flores was expelled in the last game against Honduras, after committing a foul and preventing a clear opportunity of goal from the opposing team, therefore he must comply with the suspension in the next game.

After three days of the Concacaf hexagonal that gives three and a half tickets to South Africa, the Mexican soccer team is in fourth place in the standings with three points, below Honduras (4), Costa Rica (6) and United States. United States of America (seven) and above El Salvador (two) and Trinidad and Tobago (two).

Therefore two Europeans will not be available in the debut of the Basque Aguirre as technical director of the Mexican National Team.

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