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Aguirre denies Rafa Marquez

A few days ago the Mexican defense that militated in Barcelona, ​​declared that Mexican football was staking in mediocrity, because today, the official, new coach of the Mexican national team, Javier Aguirre, said that the national football is not finds stagnant and much less going backwards.

“The words that we are stuck are a little irresponsible, the good organization that exists here and the level is surprising, so I think we’re not so bad … You only have to see the work in basic forces and how all the First Division teams they supply themselves with their own players from the quarry. ”

“We know perfectly that, every competition that we go, we have the obligation to win it, two or three times it did not happen and I think that with the work we will do well in that aspect, but I insist that our evolution and internal organization will help us to achieve it “, Commented Javier Aguirre, the coach of the Mexican National Team.

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